Shadow realm

DISCORD ABOUT Hi all, Welcome to Shadow Realm! We're excited to bring to you an RSPS full of non-stop grind, bank making, and OSRS GP tourneys! WE'RE BRINGING THE PVP VIBES TO SHADOW REALM, NO CLUNKY PVP - STRAIGHT OLD SCHOOL. We want you to feel that same 07 NOSTALGIA you did oh so many years ago. Whether it's carrying your team through raids or skilling your way to the top of the hiscores, we've got it all here! We're currently in OPEN BETA and we're smashing out daily updates/bug fixes to make this the perfect RSPS for YOU! WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS 500M OSRSGP REWARDED TO FIRST PLACE WINNER EVERY FRIDAY! type ::tournament when it's announced to participate! TOURNEY TIMES: 9:30 PM UTC Full Runelite Integration with 100% plugins working Flawless Pking/Switching 2010 + 2007 Graphics Full Achievement Diaries Mobile The Gauntlet Zalcano Prifddinas Forthos Dungeon Vorkath Master Clues Alchemical Hydra Inferno (starts at wave 67) Raids 1 Raids 2 Freeze Timers Revenant Caves Trading Post Frequent Updates Construction + All skills fully functional
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