Rusty Survival Uk Pvp

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Build 69224
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Description 00 Welcome to Rusty Survival Uk Pvp \nA Pvp Survival Server.\nFREE Vip Midcore membership for 30 hours
Description 01 minimum played on our servers & Higher tier paid for Vip memberships.\nCustom bradley's at monuments
Description 02 and various roads.\nVarious events around the map for added loot & action like HeliRefuel, HeliTier
Description 03 s, MeteorEvent, PlaneCrash, And much more!.\Vanilla loot tables.\nFurnace Levels.\nEconomy/RP system
Description 04 for buying and selling via the in-game shop.\nStart out kits that include weapons/clothing/ammo and
Description 05 food plus other kits on /kits to choose from.\nBackpacks.\nCustom Npc Bosses\nCustom Bradley Tanks
Description 06 & Patrol helicopters.\nFurnace Splitter.\nHelicopter hover.\nCustom NPC kits.\nTeleportation.\nPerso
Description 07 nal Recyclers.\nQuicksort.\nServer rewards & Rust rewards.\nCustom stack sizes.\nIn-game Trivia quiz
Description 08 with good prizes.\nVehicle Licence.\nVoter - Vote for our servers daily to get supply drops, Resour
Description 09 ces and RP every day!\nPlus much more!
Description 10
Description 11
Description 12
Description 13
Description 14
Description 15
Ent Cnt 273603
Fps 230
Fps Avg 230.47
Game Descr Rust
Game Dir rust
Game Id 252490
Gc Cl 184
Gc Mb 2399
Gmn rust
Gmt Survival
Hash 3eaa3404
Headerimage 1
Hostname Rusty Survival Pvp | Vanilla Loot & Maps | Npc Bosses
Keywords mp100,cp0,ptrak,qp0,v2330,h3eaa3404,stok,born1646486805,gmrust,oxide,modded
Logoimage 1
Map Procedural Map
Max Players 100
Num Bots 0
Num Players 0
Num Rules 32
Os l
Password 0
Port 28014
Protocol 17
Pve False
Secure 1
Steam Id -202809835
Steamappid 0
Uptime 41630
Version 2330
World.seed 1134303089
World.size 4000