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Build 69194
Dedicated d
Description 00 A new way of playing rust! \nWell balanced for a fun and challenging experience. \nCheck out our web
Description 01 site:\nJoin us on Discord: \n\nFeatures: \n -NPC Rai
Description 02 dable Bases+ \n -NPC Convoy Events \n -NPC Train Events \n -NPC Monuments \n -Reward Cases \n -Weekl
Description 03 y Server Event Competitions \n -Better Loot \n -Chest Stacking \n -Furnace Splitter \n -Insta Craft\
Description 04 n -5x Gather \n -Short Nights\n -3x Furnace Speed \n -Safe Cooking \n -Clans \n -TP \n -Home \n -Ant
Description 05 i-Cheat \n -No admin abuse \n -Active admin \n -New Map Wipe every Thursday (4PM EST) \n -BP Wipes T
Description 06 wice a Month (1st and 3rd wipe of the month)
Description 07
Description 08
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Ent Cnt 91014
Fps 63
Fps Avg 63.82
Game Descr Rust
Game Dir rust
Game Id 252490
Gc Cl 1492
Gc Mb 2943
Gmn rust
Gmt Survival
Hash 4241deff
Hostname [US] Rust4Life [5x|TP|Raid+|NPCs|Loot+|Clans] WIPED 3/11
Keywords mp100,cp1,ptrak,qp0,v2330,weekly,h4241deff,stok,born1647039949,gmrust,oxide,modded
Map Procedural Map
Max Players 100
Num Bots 0
Num Players 1
Num Rules 32
Os w
Password 0
Port 28015
Protocol 17
Pve False
Secure 1
Steam Id 1029766511
Steamappid 0
Uptime 214349
Version 2330
World.seed 1373053448
World.size 4000