Sne zombies apocalypse 10

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Build 67741
Dedicated d
Description 0
Description 00 join are Discord at or at for Commands and serv
Description 01 er info.\nX100 Gathering 20 Smelt 10,000 Stacks And More.. Wipe Every rust UpDate\n \nThere is VIP
Description 02 Membership 30 days.\nThere is VIP Gold Membership 30 days.\nMore info on this on are website.\n\nRul
Description 03 es\n1. Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) Bans & Game Bans\n You are allowed one (1) VAC or game ban across a
Description 04 ll accounts if it is over 100 days.\n2. Racism\n zero-tolerance for any form of racism on our serv
Description 05 ers.\n Do not type it, do not write or draw it on a sign, and do not say in in VoIP chat.\n3. Pers
Description 06 onal Attacks & Personal Information\n zero-tolerance for the doxing or sharing of information of
Description 07 other players. This can include:\n Sharing pictures of another player or their family without the
Description 08 ir permission.\n Referring to another player by their real-life (IRL) name without their permissi
Description 09 on (assuming it is not publicly displayed on their gaming profiles).\n Sharing another player's p
Description 10 ersonal information such as their name, age, location, employment, social media profiles, or these s
Description 11 ame things about a family member of a player.\n zero-tolerance for personal attacks directed at
Description 12 another player that involve their life outside of the game. We are all here to have fun and at the e
Description 13 nd of the day it is just a game. Please treat it like such.\n zero-tolerance for any harassment
Description 14 directed at a player outside of the game. We love talking shit. In fact, we encourage it! However, t
Description 15 his banter should be left in the game.\n4. Hacker Reports & Hackusations\n Do not cry hacks in an
Ent Cnt 136687
Fps 39
Fps Avg 38.18
Game Descr Rust
Game Dir rust
Game Id 252490
Gc Cl 573
Gc Mb 6081
Gmd The default Rust survival gamemode
Gmn rust
Gmt Rust: Survival Mode
Hash 7e3c412e
Hostname SNE Zombies Apocalypse/100x/RB/kits/and more
Keywords mp100,cp1,ptrak,qp0,v2325,monthly,h7e3c412e,stok,born1641500853,gmrust,oxide,modded
Map Procedural Map
Max Players 100
Num Bots 0
Num Players 1
Num Rules 35
Os w
Password 0
Port 28027
Protocol 17
Pve False
Secure 1
Steam Id 904613722
Steamappid 0
Uptime 373797
Version 2325
World.seed 909825
World.size 5000