The Postback Function

Our goal is to make it easy and secure for your users to vote for and support your website and receive incentives such as credits. The system we have in place is quite simple and takes little programming knowledge to impliment.

When users come in to vote, you can append their ID (< 25 characters) to the voting page using the incentive GET variable: id&postback=Voter username or id
Fill out the Incentive Postback field with the EXACT URL you want your user ID posted to:
You can simply switch out the url in your existing voting code from us as found in your control panel

Example Script


include(""); //Include your config.

$user = $_GET['postback']; //How to get the user.

$dbvoteuser        = "SELECT *,UNIX_TIMESTAMP(`votetime`) AS `votetime`,0 FROM users where id='$user'";
$controledb        = mysqli_query($mysqli, $dbvoteuser) or die("Error: user.");
$userdb            = mysqli_fetch_assoc($controledb);

//Check if user not try to cheat if already voted this day.
if($userdb['votetime'] + 86400 > time()){ //86400 is 1 day.

//User have to wait, you can log it if u want.


//user vote done update user.
  $updateuser = "UPDATE users SET
  votepoints=votepoints+1, //add vote points if you want.
  votetijd=NOW() //Get the time to call
  WHERE id='$user'";
  mysqli_query($mysqli, $updateuser) or die("Update user failed.");