United States 3
Build your Thorp and fight to bandits, its a click game. Get food, wood and stone and Build your buildings and upgrade them, and attack the bandits, before they attack you!


United States 2
100% Uptime, Lag-free, Webclient, Economy/PvM/PvP - 100% Working Skills, Monsters, Special Attacks, Minigames, Slayer Tasks, Bosses, Wilderness, Gambling System (Slots, Dicing, Flower Game), and Customized Equips

Legend Dekaron

Afghanistan 2
Legend dekaron, 12 classes, root server, high rates: exp 2000x, drop 1000x, upgrade 75, maxim level 250, 145 weapons, new items, custom maps, new bosses, pvp arena, siege working, active staff, regularly updates join now

Universe Dekaron

Afghanistan 2
Ever wanted back the Glory Days of Dekaron around Action 6 till The Answer Action plus with Dragon Knight Then Here you are join our Server and relive those moments that made this Game glorious with Hard Leveling and Fortification and no Pay to Win See mor..

Gladiatus speed server

United States 2
A world of danger awaits you in the great Roman Empire. Fight a number of opponents on expeditions, show your strengths in the arena and defy danger in the dungeons. Those who are about to die salute you, Gladiator! Fight your way through different arenas..

SkyMetin2 PVM Easy

Afghanistan 1
Acest server fiind unul de tip PVM-EASY, am reusit s? punem pe primul loc distractia juc?torilor nostri, combinând atât stilul PVP ( 30% ) cât si stilul PVM ( 70% ). Serverul este urcat pe un server dedicat, rulând 24/24 pentru jucătorii nostri. metin2 pri..

[Metin2 Addicted] Pvm Mediu

Romania 1
Serverul precede un mod de joc pvm mediu , cu ratele de 1000% , evolutii pana in beta . Pe server va asteapta o multime de evenimente cat si concursuri. Staff-ul este unul capabil , cu varste cuprinse intre 22 si 34 de ani , deci nu cred ca vor exista prob..


United States 1
ClassifiedPk ! Glad New Economy Server! We are a glad new Server who needs fresh new players ! Also offering staff positions ! Features: Bosses: We have alot off great costum bosses! Nex & corp is sure added! Skills: All 24 skills working ! Different Game ..


Turkey 1
Dear Knight Online players. We know you are miss the original Knight Online and real competition, we have decided that a server needs involving real players. We are sure that you want to take part in the in the race. a real war and original myko waiting fo..


Turkey 1
ATHENAKO v2027 FARM BETA server is opening If you want to feel the same adventure as in SteamKO, our BETA server will be ready to test on rd June 2016Beta Tester


Afghanistan 1
Experience rates are x20 of Myko experience rates, and the level cap is 72. Level Up Maradon , Doda Camp and Colony Zone Apost, Eslant Troll Berserker and Troll Captain We are using original myko database. Therefore, the drops are correct on every single m..


Philippines 1
Missing the old school flyff ? Then you are free to join at our community! Balance and fair gaming Donor Vs Non donor is super possible. What are you waiting for? Come and Join us !


Afghanistan 1
Low-Rate Server Max Level 180][Ingame Item Viewer][New Monster Spawns][New Darkon /Khaldera][No- Azria & Co] [Pet Filter] [Glow Change] [Party Finder] [Gilden Skills][Farm Map] [uvm]


Afghanistan 1
Newest Flyff Private Server Fly For Legends Mid Rate Server Penya x50 Drops x50 Exp x100 Level 150 Cap Balance Server No PAY TO WIN Active Collecting Area Active Guild Siege Active FFA Donate items are Farm-able in game No Special Treatment Max Awake Stats..


Afghanistan 1
[ High-Rate ] [Server started 03/20/16 ] [ 5000 EXP / 100 DROP / 5000 PENYA ] [ No DONATION AWAKE ][BALANCE Classes] [ Every 30 minutes Guild Seige ] [ Model Changer ] [ Colosseum ] [ NO NEED DONATE TO WIN] [ Fast Change Job ] [ Fashion Combine ][ Scr..


Afghanistan 1
x100 Rates - PVP/PVE - Player/Guild Siege 6 Times a day - Guild Clash - Running the ObverseFlyff files (Our partner) with 3 Line Awakening, better upgrading, higher rates and more fun! - Offline Vendors - In-Game Item/Pet Viewer - Custom CS/Bosses/Dungeons..


Afghanistan 1
A brand new started V18 server, ElectricalFlyff gives you the best experience. NO PAY TO WIN. Pick-up Pet item filter. 3rd Jobs. Edited Skills. Custom Madrigal. Custom Monsters and Monster Skills. Glow Changer. NO DDOS. NPCs sell Pick-up pets, most Fashion..


Afghanistan 1
Server Features: Wings are moving when running or walking Craft Items Perfect Gem Stone! v19 Interface w/ v18 Taskbar FFA Mode Death Match Last Man Standing Tower Defense Defense your Line
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