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travian private server good rates good good people travian servers travian private servers


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Never get bored when playing our bug-free and enjoyable Speed Servers

ProTrav Private Travian Servers

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The fastest travian private servers ! WW works -Natars works- No bugs Start Gold: 200 --- Register for free !!!---- Server is running on powerful machines so there is no lag at all !!!!

Trawars (old travianx) Speed Server

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The biggest and the popular Travian private servers running at multiple speeds in the world. real version 4.4, no lag and high speed experience with a lot of fun . register and have a great experience of travian with us.

Relicted-X | Best Travian Private Server 300.000x

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Relicted-X is the new travian private server running on speed 300.000x! With WW Building Plans, Fixed hero, New great Farmlist, Map coordinates fixed, Names for World Wonders !!!!!!

Just try it Once you you wont Regret

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Speedtra brings travian speed private servers with fully working T4.4 version. 5,000x - 10,000x - x5000 x80000 x500

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Well established servers with active staff and bug-free games. Currently three servers open - x5000, x80000 and x500. Few but not too many mods or features. And Free Gold of course. Enjoy

Speed-Travi 12,000,000x FAIR-PLAY 2015

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Speed-Travi x300 , 5,000,000x, FAIR-PLAY 2015 , The best server , farmlist , overview , free gold : 500 and more.

[2years alive] PirateWars travian servers

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We are glad to introduce you professionally hosted travian servers. Servers are bugless, natars + arts works. We have 4 servers: x30,x150,x1500,x33333

Travianas.EU Speed Servers NO LAG!!!

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3 High Rate Servers LAG FREE, Builded on fast Dedicated Server... No DONATE.

Play Satoshi Travian for FREE

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Play with and against other real players and trade Your resources in our Bitcoin Auction house.


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Características: Velocidad: 10000X VELOCIDAD TROPAS: 50X PROTECCIÓN: 24:00 HORAS DE ALMACENAMIENTO: 2X 2X OASES: MERCADO: 10X grieta: MEDALLAS 2x: Por cada semanas GOLD GRATIS: 10 TRIBUS: Romanos, Galos, Germanos no había bichos (Todo se fijó) DONACIÓN: OR..


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Server Speed :500x Troop Speed :500X 40 Gold & 100 Silver Gift

Speed Travian Server , Best private server, Travian

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Speed ? 10.000x ??troops? speed: 500, ??protection? 5h ??medalls?: every day (12 hours) ? hero? with points! (attack, deffence, att bonus, deff bonus) ?


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[ForceTravi Notification] Welcome To Our ForceTravi Server (Travian Private Server) We Have Diffrent Speeds On Our Server High Speed: Speed : 1.000.000 x & Speed : 100.000 x Low Speed: Speed : 500 x & Speed : 300 x Contact Us: Skype: fares.alain2
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