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Euro Server - Ragnarok

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Euro Server - 12x EXP (Job and Base) 10x Drop rates Lvl 255 max base and 70 job All ADV jobs, all sprites, monster arena, mvp arena and loadz more (No lag) ragnarok online private servers


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20/20/45-99/50-In game Auction npc sells your items server wide AAAlternate Advancement, tribute items for pts, to get skills pts, stats pts, buffs or an Emperium In Game Buffer: allows you to buy buffs such as Blessing, Agi Up and many others, giving ragn..


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20/20/10 - 30/30/15 24/7 Uptime Max Lv 99/70 Max Stats 99 Pre-Renewal Friendly and Active Community Unique Features Headgear Dyeing Balanced or commands No Donation Items Since 03/07/12 ragnarok online private servers

Chilli RO, Best Private Ragnarok Server

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Chilli RO, the best private ragnarok online server, 8x rates, custom pets, shops, npcs, events, awesome friendly gms, 100MB second connection NO LAG ragnarok online private servers


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Stable(Online 24/7):HR 1K/1K/100xMax Level 300/200Stats:300 Custom NPCs ItemsPetsPvP ArenaWoE EverydayLR 15x/15x/5xMax Level 99Stats: 99WoE [Tue, Thu, Sat] A friendly and uncorrupt GM Staff ragnarok online private servers

AtomixNetwork Host for Ragnarok Server

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In WindowsWith 100Mbps Dedicated Server 512 DDR,Free IPRemote Desktop Access,Web Ftp AccessAnd alredy eathena Configured Grf Files there For only 25USD Dont wait ,add supportatomixnetwork on the msn and we can talk there Or visit the page ragnarok online p..

Bloodorchid RO

Afghanistan 0
New 24/7 server, Rates 10/10/10, great staff, superb events and staffWe enjoy our communities input more info on our forums We dedicated to bring R and O back to Ragnarok Community ragnarok online private servers

LusoRO - Ragnarok Online Server

Afghanistan 0
European (PORTUGAL) Ragnarok Online Server Started out in 09/12/2004 and its growing fast Rates 20x20x20, running 24/7 Come join the best Ragnarok experience ragnarok online private servers

_ : BanniRO : _

Germany 0
BanniRO ist dein deutscher ServerNeues : Pets knnen angreifen,ihr kommt ber lvl 100,die neuen high classen und neue waffen,, es gibt aba noch mehr also kommtdownload und installation ist kostenlos :) ragnarok online private servers
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