Maplestory private servers


United States 304
Maplestory private server play with good rates bring your self to the top!


Afghanistan 25
1.5X Event! GM Application and Developer Applications Open! Join EnvictedMS, New VPS to better your experience, we do not have any potential or star system, starter packs. NX from Mobs. Everything Pre-Big Bang for all your childhood experiences. GMS-Like j..

MapleLogic V83 12x 6x 2x

Afghanistan 20
[Recruiting, details in website]MapleLogic team invites you to join our community and enjoy a new and challenging server. GMS-Like server ~ 12x/6x/2x ~ KerningPQ, LudiPQ, CarnivalPQ, LudiMaze PQ, BarlogPQ | Main NPC at the FM, Nana(H) give free smeags ever..

Maplebae v83 [1500x/500x/3x] [ALPHA BETA]

United States 16
[1500x/500x/3x][Alpha Beta][Active Staff][Friendly Community] [CUSTOM FM] [DONOR MSI] [BOSS PQ] [EXTRAORDINARY EVENTS][JQ Sytem][MSI/RSI][Come Join and tell us which features you would like to see implemented NEXT :). Coming Soon-ish [Fishing][Mining][Your..

Maple Harmony ***[Mac and Windows Compatible!!]***

United States 12
[Beta] New V62 Maplestory Private server that brings back that nostalgic feeling from way back when. Low rates; 5x Exp, 5x Mesos, 2x Drops! NO DAMAGE CAPS. All bosses working! All PQ's working! Come check it out! First 5 will receive any non-wizet item..

KatStory BR Maple Story V62 5x 2x 3x

Brazil 8
Servidor Brasileiro de MapleStory V62 Rats: 5x/ 2x/ 3x. Traduηγo De quests 90%/ PQS 100%/ JOBS 100%


Australia 0
WinterStory - V62 - Nostalgia is in the air, 3x EXP, 2x Meso, 1x Drop [Map, Hair, Chairs, Scrolls. NX Items and more Equips from V170+] [Monster Carnival] [Custom Party Quests] [Fishing System] [Bonus Exp Party] [Daily Events] [Custom Gachapon] [Auto Event..

AUROSTORY [V62] [5X 3X 2X]

Afghanistan 0
5x/3x/2x • THE EVOLUTION HAS JUST BEGUN! • COMPETITIVE RANKINGS • Boss Pq Prequest • OMOK And Games • NEW WEBSITE! • Pqs Work 100% • ULU CITY • MALAYSIA • Custom Quests • GM Events • New Starts Game • Holiday Events! • Marriages • Weekly Lottery • Friendly..

EDENMS (V118) - 10X / 5X / 5X

Afghanistan 0
EdenMS is an incredibly stable server that sets the standard for real development. A brilliant mix of gms-like content (including unreleased content!) and custom content makes the game truly addicting. EdenMS has every feature flawlessly working!


Afghanistan 0
Always up to date with the official servers. Awesome rates, easy and fun leveling. Come socialize in Henesys or have fun playing Party Quests (GMS like and custom ones) with people! We offer you the latest and greatest features of the official Maples..


Australia 0
I'll show you the few basic things that you'll need to know. When you make a character you're you will have Quest Stone Piece from the Setup tab. Do not drop those if you would like to do quests from Rab. You'll also get a Dimension Sto..
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