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PowerFull - NeW Eu Servers

Afghanistan 0
We are the most popular Conquer Online server peaking at over 3,000 players online every day PowerFull has all the latest features such as Warrior Epics, Kingdom War, Cross CTF, Poker, Roulette, Wardrobe, etc


Afghanistan 0
[Last patch]F4E,No bugs , Alot of events , EU based host ,No lag, No bots,JiangHu, ElitePK,SkillTeamPK,TeamPK, Create account and get lvl 140 + stuff+12 ,Skill Soul, Super Skill Soul ,Soul P7,Chi Fixed - Join now and try yourself conquer online private ser..

Unity Generals

Afghanistan 0
Unity Generals Group , Choose between an EU and US Servers , Version 6130 , High Drop Cps Per Monster , New Epic , TeamPk , SkillTeamPk , More 10 Poles War , More Quests Every Hour , Level 140 , New System , Points System

Element v2 - innovation in mind

Egypt 0
[Version 5839][New Maps][Jiang Hu][Skill souls][Perfect Chi][Assassins][Reincarnation][Sub-Classes][Flowers][Constantly updated][Competent and considerate owners][Nearly bug free][EU Host][Join and feel the difference]


Nigeria 0
Server latino , todas las clases disponibles , sistema de chi y jiang hu funcionales , muchos eventos pk , drop de cps 10k , carrera de caballos y mas , es con HAMACHI


United Kingdom 0
USA host, Classic Type Conquer. There are [NO CPS, ninja, pirate, monk, lottery, shopping mall, fans, mounts, towers]. We Do have 1 Reborn ATM, High level is 130 ATM, +9 max, Custom Quests, Events, Guild wars, Daily PK Tourny, English Speaking Server, Free..


Belarus 0
Egyptian-Co Best game In Egypt There are two Server 1 - Egyptian Co 1 Is Hard Drop 1 cps 2- Egyptian Co 2 Is Easy Drop 50.000 cps

Hooligans-Co V 6510 Drop High

Afghanistan 0
Last Version - low Drop Cps per monster - Perfection System - New Epic Warrior - FullyEpicWork - Inner Power - Free Wings - Online System Cps Reward - Boss Every 1 Hours - 5 Pole Evry Day - Sub Class - Many Quests - ElitePK - Capture The Flag - Guarantee t..

Conquer4Online - [New Server]

United States 0
Full Classic, Old Jump, Talisman, Lottery, Max +12 Level 130 Dmg -7, NewGarmnet, Monster Zone, Top PK, Drop 1 CPs, Trojan Fire Water Archer Warrior Only, Squama, TwinCity-Market-GW-Mystic Castel Only, First 50 Archer give him L100 Free, Join Now


Armenia 0
Warriors-Co ..New Game Client 5095 ..Clasic Game Drop..2005001000 More Than 10 Tops In Game 5..Treato Small Guild War

Escapism Classic EU

Afghanistan 0
Level Max 130Max 9Only 1 RebornNo PotencyNo Blessed ItemsNO StonesNO TalisNO CPSSuper DropDisCityMeteorZoneMine Rates8 Daily TournamentsFBSS Room 10 hitsInfinite Stamina ArenaVIP SystemArena Qualifier 1v1Vote PointsEsc Points

MaXeMs-CO online [5095]

Afghanistan 0
[5095-vps][free stuff][1000/1500cps/drop][+1 -gt +12][Ninja Fully Working][Max lvl 137][No bugs][No lag][Auto cps for vote][High drop/exp rates][Events][Class/Weakly/Death/SuperPK Tournament][130 lvl Gearz][2rb reborn][A lot of new Quests][New Special and ..

Social-CO [New Server]

Anguilla 0
[NINJA][+13,+14 and +15][NEW ITEMS][VIP][BLESS,SOCK TALIS, GARMS][3RD REBS][150 LVL GEARS/WEAPS][MAX LEVEL 150][24/7][DIS][SPEC LABS][LOTTO][PK WAR][FREE CPS][CPS FOR VOTE][Donate And Get Your Reward From PrizeNpc Automatically][Social Network for Conquer ..

Karssa-Co[PVP] [ 7 YearsOfSuccess ]

Egypt 0
[Version5095][VPS][24/7][Max+12[[Lvl 140Easy][No Lagging][NoNinja][NoMonks][More Events][Drop 250 Cps][ProPlayers][Zone-Duel-WarmUp][40TopEvery][10QuestHourly][Full-Accessories][DonationRestart/2][ImpossibleAimpot]HaveFun


Afghanistan 0
[V5783]Choose between an EU Host or A USA Host 1000+ Online - 6 Big Servers To Choose Between - The 1st to release JiangHu and Elite PK maybe even Assassins - One the most fair private server youll ever experience - Awesome Community - The only Private ser..

Ultras-Co -- Egyptian Style :D --

Brazil 0
[V5905]Best server in Egypt[Big Drop Cps][Vip6 +Staff Full +12 + Souls 7 Full + Level 140 + Prize For New Players] [Game bilingual in Arabic and English][Skill Soul Fixed][3D Maps Fixed][Ping 100][ChiSystem][CouplesPK][Sub Class][No Lag][TreasureBox][Elite..


Afghanistan 0
Gruop4 server 3 en and 1 arabc,High drop rate 5000- 2000 CPs,open from AutoPatchexe,King Of Kung Fu Fully,P7,New Ninja,New Trojan,SoulSkill JiangHu, SkillSoul,TeamPK,SkillTeamPK ,Flower,Lv140Max,Chi,Guild Arsenal,Sub Class,No Lag, TreasureBox,ElitePK,Class..


Afghanistan 0
[Drop-1,000Cps][HourlyEvents][NoZap][DuelZone][PVPMaps][NewGarments][OldGarments][DailySmallGuildWar][Integrated Site][weapon style no attack][No Lag][No Bug][there afk paddle to collect cps][SmallWar][Arena Hits][Fire Attack][Join with Us]

TrueConquer WAR -The BEST Classic CO

Afghanistan 0
[EU Dedicated Server 2YRS Old][Run by players for players NOT FOR PROFIT SERVER][CHECK OUT OUR NEW EU SERVER PEACE lanching 21st Feb GamePlay with Custom Content][Medium Rates][137 Max][+12Max][Tao/Arch/War/Troj ONLY][GW,Arena, PK, TeamPK][No BP][No Talism..

Fable Conquer P-Server V 5095

Afghanistan 0
Fable Is Conquer P-Server V 5095All Characters Are Available26 Different Top Per DayIf You Like Classic Styles You Can Change Your Weapon Styles To Any Style You WantNew Attractive Styles In Game World
Language: english   
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